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TSM Drink Log       MOD APK       Posted 2018-02-26


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How can you "drink responsibly" if you don't know how much alcohol you are really drinking? Warnings about harmful alcohol use typically use “standard troops.” That can be confusing to most people, who are not going to take the time to convert alcohol by volume (ABV%) and ounces or milliliters into these standard troops. Track your drinks with the TSM Drink Log and allow the application calculate that for you.Create DrinksWhether you're a beer, wine, or liquor drinker, you can add your drink to your own custom list and save it for simple entry later on. Add a name, the ABV%, and make various sizes in oz or ml. The TSM Drink Log will convert the info to standard drinks (sd) based on your geographic zone. Medication Tracking and RemindersIf you are using the TSM Drink Log with the Sinclair Way, you can log your medication time with one touch and edit the quantity if your doctor has recommended taking less than a full dose. Logging medication sets an alarm for the minimum wait time - the built-in timer is set for 60 minutes if you have been prescribed naltrexone and 120 minutes if you have been prescribed nalmefene. (Prescription medication should only be obtained through your doctor according to all local and Federal laws. Follow your doctor's instructions for any medication use.) Chart Alcohol Reduction ProgressLogged drinks automatically update your drink reduction chart. If you are on TSM and would like to see your overall reduction for treatment, input your "pre-TSM" drinks/week average in the Settings for "Week 0." This chart makes it simple to present your medical provider your progress during follow-up appointments.Connect to Peer SupportEasily access the Options Saves Lives moderated peer help forum, a community with more than 1,500 members around the globe.

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For Android: 4.1 and up Tool: TSM Drink Log mod apk
When updated: 2018-02-26 Star Rating: 5
Name: TSM Drink Log apk mod free Extension: Apk
Author: C Three Foundation File Name: org.cthreefoundation.tsm
Current Version: 1.0 User Rating: Mature 17+
Downloads: 50-100 Version: mod, apk, unlock
System: Android Type: Medical





Initial release.


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